The act of painting is an act of preservation; of a moment, a feeling, movement, colour, form. Inspired by the language of painting, and the poetics of nature, Daisy’s paintings are observational and emotional documents of the natural world around us.

Each painting is an individual meditation on rewilding with an expanded meaning; not only the wilding of a place, but also of the mind, the self, the soul. Made in the area where Keats wrote the epic poem Endymion, the Romantic ideals of returning to nature, individual spiritualism, and treading ancient paths to commune with the metaphysical are highly influential on the process of making these works. They also reference Dutch still life painting, where life, death and spirit are carefully balanced and observed.  

These paintings are crafted from layers of colour, and energetically painted marks. Often they depict mundane places; edges of footpaths, riverbanks, an uprooted tree. The themes of edges, incidental spaces, and pathways are richly untangled. In these works, the margin is at the centre, each painting becoming a vignette, that shows where to find beauty in the mundane.

Daisy often works in series, where different routes and themes become narrative mappings through time and geography. The works are created using experience and observation, as well as imagination and memory.

Daisy trained as a fine artist at Wimbledon School of Art and Camberwell College of Arts. She later studied curating at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and was awarded a Research Fellowship at Chelsea Space in 2012 for two years.

She has since worked as a curator in educational and community contexts, supporting other artists, developing audiences alongside her own artistic practice. Her work includes curating exhibitions, facilitating curatorial groups, running and organising workshops, and producing programmes.

Specialising in visual arts practice, her wide-ranging knowledge of contemporary art practice and applied arts informs her work as an artist. The curatorial and painting are intertwined, with each continuously informing the other.

She has exhibited at the Red Gate Gallery, Cass Art Space Kingston, Dorking Museum, and the Works on Paper fair at the Science Museum, and she has curated numerous projects at galleries and non-traditional spaces including high streets, theatres, online, and in community spaces.

Daisy works in Leatherhead, creating paintings and exhibitions that reflect on nature and place. The works often become emotional documents, depicting unseen feeling as much as they record the world that we can see.